The Inn Before Heaven— Chapter 1: Rest

The-Inn.jpgOver the next little while, I will be posting chapters of a blook (book meets blog) I’m in the midst of writing. As it rings a bell with you, please share it with others who might benefit from the encouragement and hope therein. Be sure to follow my blog or check back often for new chapters to be posted.

Chapter 1: Rest

On the day Beth had finally had enough, she sat in her darkened room, staring down at the orange bottle her fingers clutched. It loomed before her as big as an oil drum and with it the implications of what she was about to do.

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The Faith to Be Ordinary

In my social circle I often find myself impressed with the experiences of others my same age. I hear about the places they have been to, the things they have done, and suddenly the feeling of being impressed gives way to a feeling of being less.

I listen to stories of individuals who traveled across the globe and baptized individuals in icy rivers on their missions, and suddenly the bath-water temperature of the font in my California mission was n’t quite as epic.

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Promise Me You Won’t Quit

Suicide is a word that is too often thought and not spoken about often enough. It can be an extremely uncomfortable word to say or discuss, but too some, it feels like the only way out from a life of pain and hurting.
The majority of the time, individuals don’t want to die–they simply want the pain to stop. If you are having suicidal thoughts, PLEASE SPEAK UP! There are more people than you realize who are willing and waiting to reach down and pull you from the hole you are in in order to keep you from entering a 6-foot deep hole from which it will truly be too late too emerge from. That’s a stark way to say it, but sometimes we don’t say it strongly enough until it is too late.
Please seek help right now:
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1 (800) 273-8255
Share this and help find those who need to hear it.
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